Sunday, April 06, 2014

"New book says you can be a good Christian and gay."

Of course you can.

Excerpt:  "There are two profound, foundational pillars in his book that every Christian who has ever tried to understand this issue should come to grips with as soon as possible. They will, I believe, enlighten the issue much as earlier debates about slavery in the Bible were debated and resolved over time.

These two pillars should end forever the biblical debate about whether same-sex relationships are a sin in the eyes of God.

The first pillar is this. It has become abundantly clear and undisputed in recent years - even to “ex-gay” Christian ministries – that sexual orientation cannot be changed. It doesn’t matter whether it’s learned, or inherited, or some combination of the two. Your sexual orientation doesn’t change. If you are attracted to the same sex, that’s who you are. No amount of training, or coaching, or counseling can change this fact.

The second pillar follows from this. Since sexual orientation cannot be changed, non-affirming Christian churches tell people who are gay that they must remain celibate for the entirety of their lives. It is not a gift, or a choice, as the apostle Paul wrote in the New Testament – but a mandatory prison sentence. And this, as Matthew makes clear in his book, is wrong.

The Bible does not condemn anyone to a life of celibacy. It is always a gift or a choice – not a prison sentence. Anything that forces someone into a lifelong, companionless existence cannot, on its face, be considered to be “of God.” It really is that simple."



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