Thursday, May 22, 2014

"In a reflection written almost exactly four years ago, I touched on a few of the important statistics that jolted me out of my exclusivistic way of reading the scriptures and into a more open approach to the texts. I shared that only around 7% of the world’s population are 'saved' by Evangelical standards, and I wrote that people die at a rate of more than 100 people per minute. My former image of God had been sending about 100 people per minute to burn in eternal hellfire. I was disturbed by this, so I wrote that I no longer found compelling a deity who could torture 93% of his own children. In a later blog post, I wondered openly why more people weren’t astounded and offended by a theology that would have us all believe in such a god."

-Crystal St. Marie Lewis, What Theologians Wish Everyone Knew About John 14's "I am the way" Proclamation

(Source: AZSpot)


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