Saturday, June 28, 2014

Charisma magazine's News site has posted a particularly mean-spirited and grace-less op ed about churches who welcome, include and affirm persons who are LGBTQ.  The author of the editorial claims--with the absolute and exclusive certainty that is the hallmark of fundamentalism--that such churches are demonic and a sign of "the Great Apostasy" which some Christians believe is a precursor to "the End Times."  The author prays for a "Third Great Awakening" that will "sweep through the nation and cause people to turn back to God."

Here is the comment I left:

So shrill. So unquestioningly self-righteous. So dependent upon a very particular method of Biblical interpretation and a historically peculiar eschatological framework.

Here is one of the few statements in the article that I think has credence: "My research shows there's a long and growing list of gay-affirming denominations, including the Affirming Pentecostal Church International." This list, which also includes Charismatic Christians, will continue to grow.

Have you considered, dear fellow Christian, that what is occurring regarding the inclusion of persons who are LGBTQ is not "the Great Apostasy" you imagine, but rather is a move of the Holy Spirit? Is it possible that you are making a similar error to those early Christians who "called unclean what God had made clean" in regards to God's inclusion of a group that they despised? They too assumed that both scripture and tradition supported their claim, but the Spirit was doing otherwise. They too elevated non-essential things up to the level of core doctrines and, in doing so, neglected what was weightier.

I have been in the midst of hundreds of LGBTQ Christians worshipping Jesus with all of their hearts in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Could it be that the "third Great Awakening" that you have prayed for is happening, but it does not look like you assumed it would?


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You truly speak my mind on this one Friend.

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