Sunday, June 12, 2016


The worst mass shooting in U.S. history; this one targeting people who are LGBTQ. Shock. Sorrow. Outrage. Candles. Prayers. It occurred just a few miles away from where an aspiring 22 year-old singer was gunned down the night before. Shock. Sorrow. Outrage. Candles. Prayers. But will we do a damn thing about our gun epidemic? No. We will just continue to be shocked, sorrowful and outraged, to light candles and say prayers--again and again and again.


Blogger Horseman Bree said...

The definition of insanity includes "doing the same thing over and over, in the hope that it will be different one time"

Having an entire country held hostage to the whims of angry young men with guns, while saying useless things about "guns don't kill people, people kill people" comes pretty close to insanity.

Refusing to see that there is a problem with having too many guns is kinda crazy as well.

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