Saturday, August 05, 2017

Theologian, scholar, author, and Anglican clergyman N.T. Wright has been a big influence on me (admittedly less so in recent years) and was instrumental in igniting in me a passion for studying the Bible, theology and church history. So it was greatly disappointing to see his tone-deaf letter to the editor of the London Times two days ago, in which he compared people who are transgender to Gnostics. It's not just that I think Wright is wrong in his opinion about this, but that he stooped to using such a shoddy analogy to try to make his point and that he felt the need to make a very unpastoral public pronouncement about a matter that affects real people who are often beleaguered enough as it is.

Methodist minister Morgan Guyton has written a nice rebuttal.

Excerpt: "What if part of letting God be God and letting nature be nature is simply restraining ourselves from weighing in on realities we don’t understand?"


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