Sunday, March 16, 2008

Israel/Palestine Conference

My friend Mona, who is an American Christian of Palestinian descent, told me about a conference coming up here in Seattle in April which looks very interesting. The event is entitled Standing with the Living Stones of Israel and Palestine.

According to the organizers, "The 'Living Stones' conference evolved out of a sense of urgency to support the alarming decline in the number of Christians in the land of Christ's birth. In the cradle of our faith, there is a living, faithful community whose existence is threatened and who feel forgotten."

The percentage of Palestinian Christians in Israel has plummeted from 20% in 1948 to just 2% today. Here is an excellent article from the magazine American Conservative which sheds light on the causes behind the dramatic decline.

The cost of the conference is only $50.00. I'm hoping to attend. You can read more about it at the conference website:

Mona was in Israel in January and says, "I saw first-hand what is going on. The facts on the ground very clearly show Israel’s intentions to systematically obstruct the survival of the Palestinians. This is not how God furthers his purposes."


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