Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Random thoughts about books

Books. I've always loved books and loved to read. I consider myself an autodidact and books are my primary means of education. I once had a pastor criticize me for reading too many books about theology. He thought it was worldly and unspiritual! He didn't like to read, except maybe the Bible, and felt that others should follow his example. I realized then and there that we were probably going to have difficulties ministering and fellowshipping together.

As much as I love to read in my spare time, I struggle with distractions and can too easily flip on the boob tube and lose hours to channel surfing. Carla and I have agreed to put away the TV for the Summer (our TV is a little portable with a 13" screen that we bought at Monkey Wards 20 years ago). Maybe I'll make some headway this Summer on the little stacks of books that are scattered like monuments to procrastination throughout our home.

The church we've been attending seems to be full of readers. They even have a library where books can be checked out. I'm just beginning a book that I check out on the pastor's recommendation and the pastor is now reading a book that I recommended to her. Last Sunday, during the discussion at the "Meeting for Learning" one of the participants, a 90 year old woman, mentioned that she is reading Brian McLaren's Everything Must Change. How cool is that! This is one more reason why Carla and I are feeling more and more at home there.

P.S. I just read The Shack cover-to-cover in one sitting while on a cross-country flight. It is a fantastic book! Much more astute and theologically profound than I was expecting. I believe this book could become the Pilgrim's Progress of the 21st century.


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