Saturday, January 14, 2012

Driscoll sticks foot in mouth... again.

Seattle's resident bully pastor has stirred up controversy again after referring to UK Bible teachers as "a bunch of cowards" and "men in dresses preaching to grandmas" in an interview given to Justin Brierley of the British magazine Christianity. In response to the hoopla, Driscoll attempted to clarify in a post on his website in which he referred to the interview as "the most disrespectful, adversarial, and subjective" he has had. The editor of Christianity magazine responded by saying ‘Justin’s interview with Mark Driscoll was robust and fair, and I utterly reject the claim that it was adversarial, disrespectful or subjective." Brierley has posted the audio of the entire interview online, so that people can judge for themselves. It gets particularly interesting towards the end when Driscoll learns that Brierley's wife is a pastor and proceeds to bully and insult the interviewer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Danny,

I'm curious about your take on the interview. For myself, adore Justin Beierly which could shade my opinions :).

I thought the interview was fair as well as respectful on Justin's part. Mark interrupted many times to make his points, many of which were derogatory remarks about Great Britain. Justin invited Grace into the conversation, and while, perhaps, he could have done that more than once, Mark interrupted and expounded so much that there really wasn't a chance to speak with her.

Mark called Justin annoying for the questions he asked. Funny thing - they were almost all the questions I would have liked to ask Driscoll.

And the part at the end - I think Mark Driscoll was rude and disrespectful to Justin as well as Justin's wife. While my theology is probably closer to Driscoll's when it comes to complementarianism, it's miles apart when it comes to decorum and decency.

Do men really respond more readily to a bully?

Michelle M.

1:28 PM  
Blogger Danny Coleman said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your input! I agree 100% with your assessment.

I think Driscoll has a particular appeal to young men who need an authoritarian figure in their lives. His approach seems to be that if you attract the young men, the others will follow. It seems to work. He appeals to a certain demographic, and that's a beautiful thing I guess if they're becoming followers of Jesus. The challenge for me is that I find the theology he teaches to be atrocious, his demeanor to be disturbing and his notoriety to be embarrassing.


4:14 PM  

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