Sunday, December 14, 2014

"The scope and reality of the United States' torture of detainees is now clear and undeniable.  We are anguished and humbly repent for the sins that were done on our behalf and in our name.  Torture is wrong.  It is a sin against God.  It is a sin against the humanity of those being tortured and those doing the torture.  We ask forgiveness for our nation."

- Statement from North Seattle Friends Church (Quaker)


Blogger Joyce White said...

Hi Danny,
I agree with you about torture - it's not right. I'm just not sure we all of a sudden now know this from a partisan report released for political reasons. If you could have left that intro sentence out... We must also pray for wisdom in dealing with terrorism and brainwashed individuals who want to kill everyone who doesn't think like them.
A current, even larger issue, is drones. I really like most of the following video which is very thought-provoking on this issue:

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