Saturday, January 14, 2017

"[Last night] the Republican Party voted to begin dismantling Obamacare.' Rather than let them erase the law and its protections in one swoop, Democrats fought back by proposing amendments to save certain parts, like healthcare protections for veterans. Republicans voted against that. (But thanks for your service, vets!)

Then Republicans voted against the rule that says insurance companies have to cover "pre-existing conditions," (so if you have had cancer, diabetes, or heart problems in the past, good luck keeping even your private insurance now.) Then they killed CHIP, which is the Children's Health Insurance Program, which provided health care to impoverished sick kids. Again - they voted against health care for poor kids. (So Christlike.)

The Republicans then voted against continuing federal aid to rural hospitals, which is the only thing keeping many of them open. (I guess the joke's on all those deep-red heartland counties who voted for this one-party rule.) All you pro-life folks - they also voted against contraception coverage. With no health coverage for their pregnancies, more women will choose abortions to avoid bankruptcy. (Oops!) Also, that rule saying you can keep your kids on your private insurance until they're 26? Gone. Democrats also forced a vote to protect Medicare and Medicaid from being reduced, but Republicans voted against those, too. Old people and the infirm - to hell with them, right?

Democrats made them vote on every one of these topics - partly so voters could see exactly what was being voted against. And every time, like clockwork, the Republicans voted against the needs of human beings and in support of profits for insurance companies and tax cuts for the extremely wealthy, which paid for parts of these programs. It was sickening to see the votes unfold.

Democrats argued into the wee hours, but this is life under one-party rule. If you voted for Trump and his Republican majority, this is what you wanted. Abject human suffering. Drink deep. Here is your victory.

Not one Republican offered a single proposal to replace any of these services."

-- Anthony Breznican


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