Friday, February 24, 2017

I find it helpful these days to keep these figures in mind:

There are 324,420,000 U.S. Citizens.

In the 2016 U.S. election,

231,556,622 Americans were eligible to vote.

136,628,459 actually voted.

62,979,636 voted for Trump.

73,648,823 voted for someone other than Trump.

That means:

54% of those who voted DID NOT vote for Trump
46% of those who voted DID vote for Trump


73% of eligible voters DID NOT vote for Trump
27% of eligible voters voted FOR Trump


80.6% of U.S. citizens DID NOT vote for Trump
19.4% of U.S. citizens voted FOR Trump

In other words:

80% of your fellow Americans DID NOT vote for Trump. Keep that in mind.

An additional note...

The three states that put Trump over the top in the Electoral College were Pennsylvania (which he won by 44,292 votes), Wisconsin (which he won by 22,748 votes) and Michigan (which he won by 10,704 votes). That means that Donald Trump won the Electoral College, and thus the presidency, because of 77,744 votes. He had 2,800,000 million votes less than Clinton in the total popular vote count. In other words, any way you look at it, he barely eked out a victory and has absolutely no mandate from the American people to do the things he is doing. Truly, he and his administration do not represent who America is.



Blogger Martin said...

Well, it might be somewhat helpful ... To me, it makes wary. When the kind of guys get at the helm it's usually not because they would have strong support but because the powers that be are surprisingly weak and by this weakness have dealt more damage to the livelinessnand integrity of a nation. Trump the president is a "negative" fruit of the very Washington politics that he pledged to cleanup. Not that I believe that he would actually do it. Just look at how successful was Obama at closing Guantanamo :-)

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