Saturday, February 04, 2017

"Think of water as a different metaphor for God. Water rushes to fill all the nooks and crannies available to it; water swirls around every stone, seeps into every crevice, touches all things in its path—and changes all things in its path. The changes are subtle, often slow, and happen through a continuous interactions with the water that affects both the water and that which the water touches. Particles of sand and sediment change the color of the water, and the water’s action changes the stone, and the land, and the life that can be supported. The water doesn’t exert its power by being ‘single-minded’ over and above these things, but simply by being pervasively present to and with all things. It does not evoke the ‘command’ of power over its creation; it is more like a ‘persuasive’ power with and around its creation. Its power is a power of presence."


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Someone has been reading the Tao Te Ching...

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