Monday, July 29, 2013

In reflecting this morning on the Pope's recent comments about not judging gay people the following occurs to me: If one looks back over the history of the Western world (I specify the "Western" world because I am far less familiar with the history of other parts of the world, such as the East), one can see a long arc that incrementally bends towards justice and inclusion of everyone (to paraphrase MLK), regardless of gender, race, or myriad other intrinsic factors. Over the course of time humanity is inexorably moving towards a place of ascribing equality to *all* people; of valuing and celebrating the wonderful diversity in humanity. There are, of course, setbacks and false starts along the way, but the tide is irresistible because it is God who is steadily drawing us. The remarkable changes in attitudes towards LGBTQ people in recent years are not merely the results of a cultural phenomenon; it is the handiwork of God and it fits a larger pattern.


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