Sunday, August 25, 2013

It's funny how when you experience a paradigm shift, you look back at your old way of thinking and your previous views now appear to you as antiquated and provincial and constraining. Inherent in a paradigm shift is that what you once were unable to see has now become so obvious that you can't unsee it. Paul went through such a shift in regards to realizing God's inclusion of non-Jews (he repeatedly refers to God's inclusion of Gentiles as "the mystery of the Good News"). I've been through such paradigm shifts in regards to my views about Palestinians (who I now understand to be "God's people" just as much as Jews are); women (who I now believe should do and be everything in society and the church that men do and are); other faiths (that God is in them as well); LGBTQ people (that they ought to be fully affirmed and included and appreciated for who they are); and many points of theology. Paradigm shifts are scary because they cause us to step into larger, uncharted worlds. But faith in Christ is all about risk and all about a life-long process of being led by the Spirit into new paradigms. Jesus said, "Come, follow me..." May the paradigm shifts continue...


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