Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday always gets me thinking about Atonement Theories--in other words, what did the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus actually accomplish and how and why.  Atonement (or at-one-ment) is a word coined by 16th century theologian William Tyndale to describe the reconciliatory work of Christ.  Throughout the last 2,000 years, there have been quite a few different Atonement Theories: Ransom, Christus Victor, Satisfaction, Penal Substitution, Moral Influence, Covenantal, etc.  The implications of each theory are quite divergent.  Most Christians are not taught about these different theories or the differences between them.

After considerable study, the Atonement Theory I settled in on as making the most sense is one proffered by Mennonite theologian J. Denny Weaver which he calls Narrative Christus Victor.  Here's a pretty good summary from Weaver of Atonement Theories in general, including Narrative Christus Victor.


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