Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Favorite Quotes

Over the years I’ve jotted various quotes onto the inside covers of my Bible. Here are some of my favorites:

About ministry:

“Just show up.” - Jude Del Hierro

“Don’t go to start a church… Go to serve a city. Serve them with love. And if you go after the people nobody wants, you’ll end up with the people everybody wants.” - Rusaw & Swanson (The Externally Focused Church)

“The church is God’s people, becoming who they are in Christ, sown into the world, for the sake of those who need him.” – Jude Del Hierro

“Teaching without discipleship is ultimately futile and self-defeating… The role of leadership isn’t to do ministry; it is to equip the body to do ministry.” - Graham Cooke

“Often the church has been guilty of a cheap benevolence that wants only to help the poor, but isn’t willing to know them.” - Amy Sherman

About the Bible:

“This is the menu. It is not the meal. The menu describes the meal.” - John Wimber

“It is perhaps not too great an oversimplification to say that a core message of the Bible is that ‘God cares about God’s creation.’” - Mark Biddle (Missing the Mark)

“We learn from the scriptures, but we grow by serving others.” - Unknown

“What did it mean to the original hearers?” - Fee & Stuart (How to Read the Bible for All It's Worth)


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