Monday, April 28, 2008

Ekklesia Salon

I'm in Dallas, Texas this week and happened to drive by a hair salon called Ekklesia. I wonder what the story is behind them choosing that name? Ekklesia is a Greek word which literally means "a gathering of the elect". Wherever you see the word church in the New Testament, the original Greek word was ekklesia. In fact, in my Bible I've scratched out the word church whenever I've come across it and written in ekklesia instead, because I think the word church carries too much baggage. When we say "church", we think of buildings and steeples and priests and rituals. The ekklesia in the New Testament had none of these things. It was simply a group of people gathered together (typically in a house) to worship God and edify one-another. I don't know if they styled each other's hair or not.


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