Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I think we're becoming Quakers

Last night at jail Carla did most of the teaching. This was not by premeditated design; it was just obvious that the Holy Spirit was on her. I felt a clear leading to just shut up and get out of the way. We were ministering to two inmates who are struggling with severe addiction issues. Carla was inspired (and by that, I mean God was breathing through her). She spoke words and gave scripture which moved both men deeply. Particularly she shared from Ephesians 5 about waking up and walking in the Light.

Afterwards, as we got in the car, I remarked how much like a Quaker she had sounded. She chuckled and told me that while supervising a study period at a high school yesterday (Carla works as a substitute teacher), she noticed a group of Russian students in the back of the classroom with their desks pulled together, furtively conducting an ad hoc Bible study. Apparently, they feel they cannot openly have a Bible study during school hours. Carla walked over and told them, "It gives me great joy to see you doing this." Relieved, they pulled their Bibles out from under their desks. They asked her what church she goes to. Without even thinking about it she said "I'm a Quaker.", which drew their approval.


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