Saturday, February 04, 2012

An open letter to Pastor Steven Andrew

In response to your call for Christians to boycott Starbucks "for promoting homosexual ‘marriage’ in Washington State" (

Thank you, Pastor Steven Andrew, for inspiring me today. I work a demanding full time IT job plus attend seminary as a full time student plus teach from the Bible each Sunday. Sometimes it gets hard and I get tired and feel like giving up. Sometimes I wonder why I am doing all this. But whenever I begin to feel this way, someone or something reminds me of why I endeavor to follow Jesus with all my heart, mind, soul and strength and why I study so hard to better understand and teach Christian theology, with the goal of helping people attain a closer direct relationship with the Living God.

After reading your call for Christians to boycott Starbucks (based on your logic that--in light of Romans 1--Starbucks hates God because they expressed an opinion in support of gay marriage) I am inspired and reinvigorated. Yes, Pastor Steven Andrew, it is ignorant, spiteful, self-righteous, arrogant pundits like you--who speak hatred and exclusion in the name of Christ; who worship a perverted syncretic god of American nationalism; who only seem to be able to feel good about themselves if they can look down upon someone else (see Luke 18:9-14)--it is people like you who energize me to be more like Jesus (not the Republican Jesus of your imagination, but the Jesus of the Gospels who was a friend of sinners and who was hated by the likes of you for spending his time among the "unclean" and marginalized and outcasts of society and who challenged the dominant "purity-based" religious system of his day). I am inspired, more than ever, to work harder, to get out there and to spread the Good News of God's amazing love for all humankind--especially to the gay community who have been so wounded and alienated from God because of people like you.

Thank you, Pastor Steven Andrew. I raise my Starbucks grande triple latte to you in salute.


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Thank you, Danny.

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Well said, sir!

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