Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"As long as we LGBTQ Christians are shoved into the shadows of this faith community, no evangelical parent with a closeted child is going to know of another way until it’s too late to take it. No LGBTQ child is going to have hope that there is place they belong. As long as we are unseen, families will continue to fall apart. Beautiful lives will continue to disappear.  The church will miss out on the gospel of grace for the people willing to reconcile with the community that destroyed their lives. The body will remain incomplete. Prophetic voices will not be heard. Serving hands will not be touched. Churches will be missing a vital chord to their music. The gospel will remain stained by the bigotry of its believers. As long as we remain unseen, the hope of a more whole and holy church will remain a flicker off on the horizon." 

-- Benjamin Moberg


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