Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Great Pacific Garbage Swirl

Did you know that there are two continent-sized clusters of plastic garbage slowly swirling around in the Pacific ocean? I didn't know anything about it until someone mentioned it to me last week. In case you're as unaware of this monstrosity as I was, here's an excellent L.A. Times story on it, which includes very informative graphics, photos and videos.

L.A. Times Story


Blogger sharon said...

Here's the thing...
If this was the only problem (threat) the planet was under that would be easier to file, but it's just one of an almost endless list! We're melt the poles, growing the deserts, fishing the oceans dry, bla-bla-bla! Now, the last time I heard the news the political parties in the country i live in couldn't stand to be in the same room together long enough to open a serious dialog much less actually address one of the above even on a national level much less international! But guess what. I read something even more menacing then all the above rolled into one. Goes like this, "He will bring to ruin those ruin those ruining the earth". It sounded to me like a SiFi movie that was just out but it was a piece of a bible scripture I saw. So are those people that knock on your door every Saturday wanting to talk about the bible on to something because their starting to sound more logical then us humans getting it straightened out.

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