Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Christian retailer refuses to display magazine featuring female pastors

Lifeway Christian Stores, a nationwide chain of Christian bookstores, has pulled the September/ October issue of Gospel Today magazine from the racks of its 100+ stores. The issue is still available for purchase, but will be kept under the counter and must be asked for by the customer.

The cause for this draconian action? The cover of this month's Gospel Today features five women. There is nothing unwholesome or controversial about the cover photo. These are not, to my knowledge, women of questionable doctrinal repute. No, the cause for this act of censorship is simply that the five women are all pastors.

It turns out that Lifeway Christian Stores is owned by the Southern Baptist Convention. The Southern Baptist Convention does not approve of female pastors.

I've never read Gospel Today magazine, but there is a Lifeway Christian Store that I drive by on my way home from work. I have occasionally purchased books there. I think I'm going to stop in today and request a copy of the magazine. Then I will inform them that it is the last purchase I'll be making at their store.

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