Friday, September 26, 2008

The Bible Visualized

The beautiful picture above is a graphical representation of the Bible. The horizontal axis along the bottom represents each book in the Bible, from Old Testament to New.

The alternating colors of white and gray on the horizontal axis delineate one book from another. Each small vertical line hanging down represents a chapter in a book--the more verses in that chapter, the longer the line. All 1,189 chapters within the Bible are graphed in this way.

The colorful arcs above the graph represent cross-references between chapters. The color of each arc is determined by the distance between linked chapters. A total of 63,779 links are represented.

You can click on the picture above to get a much more detailed view.

What this illustration brings out is the incredible cohesiveness and connectedness of the Bible--something which any serious Bible student can attest to.

This graphic was created by Chris Harrison of Carnegie Mellon University and Christoph Romhild of North Elbian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hamburg, Germany. It won an honorable mention for illustrations in the 2008 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge.

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